First Steps

Honestly, the concept of starting a social identity for yourself can be incredibly overwhelming. I’ve started more accounts in one day than I have since I was young and joined every site I ever saw. Between my Twitter and Facebook and Wattpad accounts (psst, by the way, those are clickable, and I’d love the support!), I have more tabs open than I know what to do with. Once everything gets settled, I can get down to the fun part: writing.

I decided that, although I am really enjoying my current new project that I’d like to publish, I’m going to take a step back from it and focus more on my online writing projects. I want to try to build an identity for myself online so I have some support when I do decide to go “pro” and work on getting published. Baby steps. I can do this.

So, for now, I’m actually doing a challenge on Wattpad to get started. Since Earth Day is coming up on April 22, they have a challenge for people to write stories about Earth no longer being around, or something to that effect. I had actually touched on this in a former novel/RPG idea a few years back, so I decided to resurrect the beast and give it a facelift.

europacoverThis is Europa. It’s a story based on Earth slowly becoming less functional and humans deciding to venture out to other planets (or in this case, a moon) to try to start over. When they are attempting to build a sustainable ecosystem, the animals they brought to the new planet with them begin to take on new forms and gain abnormal powers and bond themselves to the native born Europan children. The narrative will follow a young girl named Willow, a sickly child with a Arctic Fox(?) familiar. When outside forces begin to try to destroy the colony on Europa, she and the other native-born Europan children gather with their familiars to explore what is beyond their small, man-made bubble and stop whatever is trying to threaten their existence.

This novel is a work in progress, obviously. Some of the story has to be worked out, but I tend to write more from the gut than an outline. All I know is I want to get some progress done on it, today possibly, and see how it turns out. I pocketed the idea for a while, so I wonder how much Willow and her partner have grown up in the back of my brain.

Wish me luck!


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