When Inspiration Strikes…

…it’s kind of unheard of, right? Ever since I decided to “launch” my writing career, my inspiration levels are through the roof. I’m filling up my notebook with ideas, some partially developed and some a full story waiting to be written. Right now I just have to allocate my time properly.

But what about when there’s absolutely no inspiration to be had?

My mother is a quilter. Well, she’s an air traffic controller right now, but she spends pretty much any free time she has in front of her sewing machine or quilting rack when she’s not spending time with her five dachshunds. She even plans to open a small quilting shop when she retires and quilt full time! I was talking to her once about how I needed to write but couldn’t and she shared a piece of advice with me:

She told me if I forced myself to sit down in front of my computer/laptop/notebook and just start writing, I’ll find it gets easier. When she doesn’t feel like quilting, if she can convince herself to just go in and do one row, she usually gets bitten by some kind of inspiration in the interim.

And you know what? It worked for me. Yesterday, I didn’t really feel like working on Europa. Willow and I haven’t had enough time to get to know one another so fleshing her character out has actually been trickier than I thought. Once I sat down and wrote out one paragraph, half a chapter got finished before I realized what had happened!

Of course, I realize this won’t work for everyone, but it’s worth a shot. If what you write after five minutes just feels like utter garbage, just walk away from it and come back later. It could be a few hours or a full day later, but you might find you’re being overly critical of yourself and actually like what you wrote.

And if you didn’t? Hey, at least you tried!

And on that note, I’m off to work on more Europa!


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