Branching Out

I’m not having the best of days. Well, I had a few hours that were good, but the majority have been less than stellar. However, I decided to branch out of my usual writing bubble and try something new.

I’m working on a short story. I’ve heard them called one-shots too. I’ve always struggled with short stories because I spend A LOT OF TIME building characters and have such a hard time cutting out / not writing all of this character development. I’ve gotten about half-way through my short story before I decided to take a break, but it’d be really cool to have it done today. Or I’ll get it done tomorrow.

It’s not a happy story though. I’ll be posting it on Wattpad when it’s done. The working title is Lily in the Library but maybe that’s dumb.

It’s about a librarian, Amanda Krouse, who sees a girl come into her library and wander into the back to look at the books. When she happens to go back there while she’s working, she finds out the girl has cut herself and is basically bleeding all over her floor. All she finds out before the girl passes out is her name is Lily, and something about the encounter makes Amanda feel obligated to visit Lily in the hospital because she thinks her homelife is bad.

It’s an interesting thing to write, and I hope it’s interesting to read. I’ll post something on here when it’s done.


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