A Break Too Long Broke the Streak

Without going into too many details, I had a longer break than I intended. Normally, in any hobby I do alone, I take days off from them to focus on my boyfriend when he has his days off from work. Since he works full-time, it’s hard to really get to enjoy each other in the few hours before and after work when we’re not sleeping. Well, his normal days off are Tuesday and Saturday. He had Sunday off too.

And that one extra day has completely robbed me of any inspiration tow ork.

Isn’t that how it goes? You have a surplus of inspiration when you on’t have time to use it, and then when you’re finally alone and can work, it’s gone. I managed to push myself to work on chapter three of Europa (which isn’t finished) but I’m pretty sure I’m going to come back to it tomorrow, decide it’s garbage, and rewrite everything.

But at least I tried, right?

I told myself that if I skipped out one more day, I’d fall off the wagon for at least a week. I know myself well enough to know that’s true. I do best when I don’t take any breaks from whatever habit I’m trying to build, but at the same time, everyone needs a break. It’s a catch-22 I can’t seem to get out of. I want to get into a workout habit too, but since your body literally requires rest days, it’s really hard for me to come back from that rest day and be raring to go. I wish I understood it.

I hope I’m not alone in that feeling. If I am, maybe I’ll never fix the issue, haha.

Anyway, I’m wondering if maybe working on a different project would help with my inspiration levels? I’m not sure. I just don’t want to get started on another project and then start another project and then have like fifteen projects incomplete. I need to figure out what my best work comes out of and stick to it. At least I don’t have people hanging on every word I write, so I have time to find what works best for me.

Anyone who has found out what works best for them, please let me know. I’d love to give it a shot.


2 thoughts on “A Break Too Long Broke the Streak

  1. i had the same problem and still have it to a degree. The inspiration comes in spurts and I found that when it comes upon me it’s best for me to take as much advantage as possible but this also doesn’t allow me to develop a consistent habbit. Narrowing down my focus has become a little easier, but it’s still hard, especially because the stuff I write on my blog is so much different from the stories I’m working on in real life. As far as the content on my blog goes I wrote up a schedule that’s workable for me and I’m focusing on sticking to it, regardless if people are reading or not, just to build up that habbit. One thing I did notice however, if I don’t write anything for more than 2 days, I’ve fallen way off the wagon and wont write for a few months, so i pick a quota to write daily, say maybe 3 pages, and I try my best to not let more than 2 days go by without writing anything on my novel. Being consistent is tricky especially when you have so much that you want to write, but once you notice your own pattern, and what is likely to make you derail completely, then you can try to avoid it as much as possible. Just a few of my thoughts 🙂

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