When Real Life Strikes…

…how do you strike back? I’m struggling to find an answer to my own question. Recently, with the gastric bypass I’ve gotten, I’ve been struggling in real life. My anti-depressants have been hard on my stomach so I went off them for a while. My doctor prescribed new ones but they aren’t doing a damn thing.

So I’ve basically spent most of my energy just convincing myself to get out of bed in the morning.

But enough about that. I actually wanted to update you guys on something important.

In one of my little meltdowns, I made a realization. Well, I made a few, but they’re not pertinent to this blog. The one realization that is crucial to this blog, and my writing, is that I need to take risks if I want to get moving. Not like, huge financial risks or anything (I don’t even have a part-time job right now), but more like… personal risks. So I decided I’m going to write a short novel for self-publish.

Right now, I’m considering doing this through Lulu.com because they come the most highly recommended. I’m considering hiring a freelance editor instead of using one of their package deals, since that kind of money just isn’t available to me right now. I can make my own cover art with stock art and my own artistic talent with Photoshop.

I have an idea for the novel, but I’ll introduce it when it’s a little more fleshed out. Right now I have part of the first channel written out, but I should go work on it more…

It’s just hard to motivate myself to write at the moment. I know that once I get started, I’ll probably get on a roll and be able to belt out the rest of the chapter if not more, but I’m also hung up on the possibility that I might ruin what I’ve already gotten started…

Depression sucks, y’know?



2 thoughts on “When Real Life Strikes…

  1. Hi K, Obviously you’re a long way from publishing but I came across your blog and was slightly horrified you planned to publish with lulu.com. I published my first novel with them years ago and could never have done it without my son’s help. Things may have changed but I found the process very difficult and sales were very minimal as well. I now publish almost exclusively with Amazon–much simpler and much better as far as sales go. Check out my author page: http://www.amazon.com/Christine-Gardner/e/B00AY80A08


    1. Thank you for your comment! What website do you use to publish through Amazon? And do they offer anything to help boost sales? I’m still a long way from publishing, as you said, but I like to know what my options are once I get there!


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