About K.L. Starr

I’d Like To Tell You…

…with a great big smile and a song in my voice that I am an author. Sadly, I’m not. At least, not a published one. Honestly, one of my biggest struggles as a writer is finishing a project I sit down to. But I don’t let that discourage me. I don’t throw down my pen with frustration and never touch a project again. Sure, sometimes I will let the project sit for days…weeks…months… but I always come back to it. Always.

I’m twenty-three years old as I write this. I’ve been constructing stories throughout the years since I was about 8 years old, trying to write stories about kids going through a special school to control their shape shifting ability with absolutely no real concept of grammatical structure in a novel. I’ve been through many ideas, all of which I have tucked away in private files to be glanced at for memory sake. Nothing has stuck yet, but it’ll happen. I know it will.

I recently moved to Mooresville, North Carolina with my boyfriend, Connor. I’m attending school to become a dog groomer, and hope to find a job on the weekends. Between school Monday through Friday and weekend work, finding time to write will be a hassle, but I’m determined to make it happen.

I have one fur-child, Daxter, who has boundless energy. If I could take some of that energy and channel it into writing, I’d be swimming in published novels right now. Instead, I use him to keep me grounded in life. He often urges me outside with Connor to play frisbee, and he occasionally does this while I’m writing. It keeps things real when I seem lost in the little worlds of my own design.

When I’m not banging my fingers on a keyboard or scribbling down notes about a new idea I had suddenly, I can be found playing video games, reading, and meditating at the nearby park in my little town.

You can expect a lot of writer’s musings on this site. I’ll be talking what I’m working on without giving away too much. I’m paranoid of someone copying my work, I really am. When I actually start publishing content online or in print, I’ll be writing a lot of posts to try to engage my readers and let them tell me what they’d like to see happen in upcoming novels, or let them express things they didn’t like.

I’ll be attempting my fair share of social media work as well, but I can’t promise much on that front. I’m honestly terrible at remembering to update such things, even though I’m almost always connected to my phone. I’ll at least keep you updated on what my connections are… I simply can’t promise how active they’ll be sometimes.


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