Tools of the Trade: FocusWriter & Forest

As a chronic social media junkie that basically lives off her phone, sometimes it’s really difficult to remain focused on writing for the entire duration. When I get distracted, it’s obvious in my writing. Paragraphs are completely disjointed from one another and even sentences seem to lose their focus halfway through. So I found two incredibly useful applications to help me keep my focus. Continue reading “Tools of the Trade: FocusWriter & Forest”


When Inspiration Strikes…

…it’s kind of unheard of, right? Ever since I decided to “launch” my writing career, my inspiration levels are through the roof. I’m filling up my notebook with ideas, some partially developed and some a full story waiting to be written. Right now I just have to allocate my time properly.

But what about when there’s absolutely no inspiration to be had?

Continue reading “When Inspiration Strikes…”